General Terms and Conditions

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1. Terms for Subscriptions

ARCB and ARCS are merely hosting and providing access as well as providing tools to post and share content. We cannot accept any liability with regard to such material. While we cannot preview or monitor the User Provided Content, we may apply, at our discretion, automated filtering tools monitor and/or delete any content that ARCB and ARCS believe to be in violation of this Agreement. The decision to upload information to or share information on the Website is your responsibility and you should only submit or share content that belongs to you and that will not violate the rights of others. By submitting User Provided Content on the Website, you grant ARCS a perpetual, royalty-free, world-wide, transferable license to publish, display, host, sublicense, distribute, and otherwise use your submission to the extent and in the form or context we deem appropriate on or through any media or medium and with any technology or devices now known or hereafter developed or discovered.

2. Use of the Materials

The download of the whole or parts of any content or database is prohibited for any user of the site. The download and eventual republication of the materials may be allowed by a special permission granted by the ARCB and ARCS selection committee for academic research purposes. Requests for the use of content should be send to

3. Subscription Terms

Membership for the Website is required. The first month is free, then the payment will be $7.99 per month. Membership may be terminated at any time. The members (“Users”) of the Website can browse the full content of the Website and publish their materials on it.